Shutdown of our online service
Learn more about why we have decided to shut down the online file sharing service at, how you can access your uploaded files and how we proceed with our product.

Our Motivation

We are discontinuing the online service because it is not economically viable for us. To make it worthwhile and not be stuck with costs, we would have to put too much time and effort into marketing ySendit properly. We rather put this time into further development of our product. We will make it directly available for download on our website in the future. We dont have an ETA yet.

How long can I continue to download my files?

We have suspended the upload of new files on Sept 23, 2021. You can still download previously uploaded files until Sept 29 23:59, 2021 (MESZ), then they will be irrevocably deleted. In case of high traffic, we reserve the right to delete them earlier.