👋What is ysendit?

ysendit is a simple and free service to share files securely over the Internet

Infos for Uploaders

With ysendit you can send files for free and unlimited in size. The downloader can view your files in the browser and download them directly.

If you need help or got stuck, here you find more infos on sharing files with ysendit or contact us.

Infos for Downloaders

When you read this page, it is quite likely that you have received a transfer via ysendit.com. This means that someone has sent you files through our service. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to download them. If you need help, please read on here or contact us.

If you wonder why we show ads, it's because ysendit is completely free and financed by advertising revenue.

If you think that a transfer contains abusive or illegal content, please click on the blue text below the transfer ID (marked red in the image) and then on "Report transfer".

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