📤Sharing files

You can upload files on our website and get a link. Using this link, other people can download your files safely and easily.

Getting started

This section guides you how to share your first files with ysendit.

Step 1: Choose files you want to share

Step 2: Decide how you want to send the files

If you select "Link", you will receive a URL to your files, which you must pass on to the people who should download your files by yourself. With this option, move to step 3.

If you choose "Email", you must enter your email address and the email addresses of the people who should receive your files. They will be automatically notified by email and will receive instructions on how to download your files by email.

Step 2.5: Enter mail addresses

This step is required when you choose Send via "Mail". Otherwise skip to step 3.

After that, enter your own mail address in the field "Your email". Note: You might need to scroll inside this box to see all fields

Step 3: Add a message

You can type in a message in the "message" field. This text will be shown on the download page and will be included in the mail to your receivers if you chose send via "Mail".

Step 4: Adjust the transfer further

Click on the marked "Options" button.

See below for explanations of all setting.

Last step: Upload your files

Tap on the button "Share file(s)". If you send via "Link", your files are now uploading. Keep the browser tab open until the upload is finished. The URL of your files is displayed. If you send via "Mail", we send you a code to your mail address. Grab that code, enter it and confirm. Now your files are uploading. When finished, you and your recipients receive an email. Hint: Don't want to confirm your email multiple times? Then sign up for an account.

Note: The interface looks different on mobile browsers. But the steps are analogous.

Transfer options explained

If you click on "Options" (see here) you can customize your transfer. Here's what each option means.

Delete after

Destruct the transfer

Set "Destruct the Transfer" to "Yes" if you want your transfer to be automatically deleted once all recipients have downloaded it. Each recipient can only download the files once. If you have selected Share with "Link", your files can only be downloaded once.

Set the option to "No" if you want your transfer to be downloadable multiple times

Protect with password and encrypt transfer data

If you want to protect your files with a password, then enter it in the field "Protect with password". Your downloaders must enter this password before they can view and download your files. The password will not be sent to your recipients. You have to tell them separately.

If you set a password, further data of your transfer, such as the message and the email addresses of the recipients, will be end-to-end encrypted. Only you and your recipients can then decrypt this data. Your files are encrypted by default, even without a set password.

Note: the URL must start with http:// or https://

Background of download page

Note: The background is only visible if your transfer does not contain any files that can be viewed in the browser. If your transfer contains at least one file for which a preview can be displayed, a preview of this file will be displayed instead of the background.

Note: the URL must start with http:// or https://

Clicking on the logo on the download page redirects to the ysendit.com homepage by default. If you want to link your custom logo to your own website, enter this website in the "Link logo to url" field.

Note: the URL must start with http:// or https://

How you can delete transfers

Your files will be automatically deleted when the transfer expiration date is reached.

You can delete your transfers prior to their expiration date. To do so, go to the ysendit website and open your transfers. If you have a ysendit account, all your transfers will be listed. If you don't have an account, only the transfers you uploaded with this browser will be shown.

If you have sent your files via "Mail" you can delete your files and the transfer also by opening the confirmation email that you received after the upload and clicking on the link under "Delete this files". Then, confirm the deletion in the opened browser window.

How to retrieve your transfers

You can list all transfers you have uploaded from your browser. Just click on "My transfers".

With an account, you can even keep this list in sync across all your devices and you see insights and charts.

QuestionSend via "Link"Send via "Mail"

Possible to delete the transfer before its expiry date?

If you have an account, always. If not, you can delete the transfer only from the browser you used to upload it


How do you share the download link?

You have to share the link manually

Receivers receive the link automatically by mail

Can I share the files with other people if they have already been uploaded?

Yes, you share the link manually


Can others forward the transfer?

Only, if "Destruct transfer" is disabled

Only, if "Destruct transfer" is disabled

Can I self download the transfer?

Only, if "Destruct transfer" is disabled

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