macOS App

With our app for Mac, you can share files directly from the Menu Bar and Finder. Follow the instructions below to install.


You can install ysendit by clicking the button above

Share files with the App

Alternatively, you can use the Finder Extension.

Use the Finder Extension

You can share files directly within the Finder. Select the files you want to send, right-click on them and select "Share" > "share with" from the context menu.

Before using the extension for the first time, you must enable it. Please go to "System Preferences" > "Extensions" > "Share Menu" and tick the Option "share with"

Start ysendit App on Boot-Up

To make sure ysendit is always ready for you, you can have the ysendit app open automatically in the background when you turn on your computer. To do so, you have two options.

You can enable boot on startup directly in the ysendit App by clicking on "Setup" and toggling the option "Launch at login", or go to "System Preferences" > "Users & Groups" > "Login Items" and add the App by hitting the + Icon, navigating to your Application folder and selecting the "ysendit" App.

How To ...

... Close the App or delete usage data

... Unistall the App

Go to your Application Folder, search for the "ysendit" App, select it and delete it.

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