Downloading files

Have full control over the way you download files

Several options for downloading

There are three different ways to download files. You can ...
  1. 1.
    download all files of a transfer at once zipped in one zip file
  2. 2.
    choose granularly which files you want to download compressed as a zip file
  3. 3.
    download single files directly (fastest)

1. Downloading all files of a transfer

This option is preselected. Just press the blue "Download all" button to download all files from the transfer as one zip file. The site must remain open during the entire download process.

2. Selecting which files to download

Press the arrow next to the "Download all" button and choose "Select files". Then select all the files you want to download and click "Download x files". The site must remain open during the entire download process.

3. Downloading a file directly

You can download a single file directly by clicking the
icon next to the file name. Unlike before, this option allows you to leave the page before the download is complete.
Downloading files individually is faster than the options before, as they are not streamed to your browser to be zipped.


Problems downloading a transfer? This document is intended to help you. Just contact us in case your problem is not covered.
Download doesn't start or suddenly stops and makes no progress?
This happens when you close the download page. Keep the download page open during the entire download. Cancel the download in your browser and start the download again.
If the problem persists, please download the files individually following option 3.
How can I open the download on an iPhone / iPad?
On these platforms, a download following options 1 and 2 is not recognized as a zip archive in Safari. Click the magnifying glass
next to the download to open it in Files and unzip it there. Or manually go to the Files app and unzip the download there.