Read about our latest product changes and improvements - 2023-03-08


  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from signing up on the sign up page. More precisely, providing a profile name, turned the page blank.

  • Passwords on the sign up page were not properly checked for minimum length. - 2023-26-07


  • On the upload page, unregistered users are warned that transfers made without an account may be lost from the list of made transfers - 2023-25-07


  • Fixed an issue that let the user avatar infinitely load in case no avatar was uploaded

1.8.6 - 2023-24-07


  • Users that have a custom download domain can set their default domain on the /profile page

  • The default download domain will be used for all links in the upload widget and in the made transfers list

  • Added protection for custom download domains: Only the domain owner can share files with that domain


  • Fixed an issue that let browsers autofill the password field in the uploader

  • Removed the default avatar in the profile image uploader on the sign up page - 2023-12-06


  • Fixed an issue that prevented entering an mail address on the signup page

1.8.5 - 2023-11-06


  • Fully new upload and home page

  • Dark mode support for upload widget and mobile upload page. Enable dark mode by adding query parameter ?dark_mode=true to the URL

  • Preselect the share type by adding query parameter ?share_type=mail or ?share_type=link

  • Update profile, change & reset password functionality on the pages /auth and /profile


  • Users can update their profile on download page

  • Visiting the login / sign up pages redirect to the profile page when user is already logged in. Visiting the profile page when user not logged in vice-versa.

  • Fixed issues with preselected or saved share type (on mobile upload page)

  • Fixed issues with profile image uploader on mobile devices

  • Query parameter ?no_border=true hides borders on upload widget

  • Fixed an issue where adding area or text based comments where only possible in .pdf files

1.8.0 - 2023-29-05


  • Files can now be commented on the download page. You can even mark areas and text in PDF and image files.

    • All people havinge access to your files can comment

    • You can disable commenting while uploading

    • Authors can delete their own comments and threads

    • Meta information like email, avatars and name of authors are displayed next to the comment

    • Selecting a comment will highlight the corresponding area in the file

  • OAuth2 Support (authorization code flow). The download page now uses OAuth2 to authenticate downloaders

    • Users get automatically logged in (no redirection) on main domain

    • Login opens in a new tab, no redirection

    • Tokens get automatically destroyed on logout

      • If a browser ID was detected during token creation, only tokens of the current session are destroyed. If no browser ID was detected during token creation, all tokens of the user are destroyed

  • Central Sign in and Sign up page suited for OAuth2 authentications


  • Video player now saves state on component update

  • Video player controls are better aligned

  • Image viewer supports zooming and rotation - 2023-24-04


  • The PDF viewer on the download page now supports text searching, copying text from selection and is faster

  • All file previews will soon support annotations - 2023-15-04


  • All dates and times are now displayed in the local time zone and format - 2023-14-04


  • Fixed a bug that caused a zip file to be created when a transfer contained only one file, or when only one file was selected for download in a transfer with multiple files, instead of just downloading the single file

  • On your transfer page you can now copy a shareable link to your transfer with one tap

1.7.9 - 2023-13-04


  • We developed our own consent dialog that provides users of ysendit with an illustrative overview of data processing and enables them to select granularly which data processing options they would like to consent to.

    • The consent dialog supports versioning. A new version of the data processing can be set in the admin console. Thereafter, users will be presented a modal and must agree to the changes

      • It may take up to two days until all users see the change due to caching

    • Also, it supports different website areas and their required permissions. If the user enters another area of the website for the first time, he must agree to the permissions that are new here

    • And it also caches important page elements like logo urls, background urls, etc locally (and magically updates in the background after page load is complete)

    • And finally it supports linking to Google Advertising Partners and their privacy policy

    • In summary, the new consent tool makes ysendit more privacy-friendly than the GDPR requires

  • Adapted our website and apps so that no external data is loaded and cookies are not set until the user has given consent

  • Implemented a prompt inviting unregistered users to register on ysendit

  • We now have a status page showing the current status of ysendit services. It is linked on the download page and the helpdocs, as well as in the footer of the website

    • On the upload and download page appear popovers when there are problems or maintenance work on ysendit

  • Live chat on ysendit upload page and ysendit marketing pages

  • Help center design has been updated


  • We removed Google fonts completely from the website and the apps. We now use your local system fonts leading to faster page loads and more privacy

  • The header on the mobile upload page has been removed and replaced with a link back to the homepage. We also fixed some design bugs

  • The upload widget now supports custom border radius. It can be set via the url param /upload.widget?border_radius=2px

  • We've removed unnecessary imports and libraries that were replaced over time

  • We've made the analytics tool more privacy-friendly and removed some event data - 2023-11-03


  • We fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter the password for a password protected transfer

  • We turned the transfer bar on ysendit.com transparent and blurred! It never looked so good!

1.7.8 - 2023-03-02


  • You can list all transfers you have uploaded from your browser

  • With an account, you can keep this list in sync across all your devices and you don't need to re-confirm your e-mail when you send transfers by mail

1.7.7 - 2023-05-01



  • We fixed responsive bugs in the mobile PDF viewer - 2022-27-12


  • Previews in fullscreen mode were in some places not scrollable

  • Now all files get sorted after their size and as a result, the smallest file of the transfer gets automatically previewed on page load

  • Rounded some edges and fixed responsive layouts - 2022-26-12


  • Previews in fullscreen mode load faster and are nicer animated

  • When downloading files you will see a warning that you may not close the page until the download is complete - 2022-24-12


  • Fixed a bug that prevented downloading all files of a transfer that does not contain a file that can be previewed

  • Fixed bug that arbitrarily caused some files not to download (just 0 byte downloaded)

  • Fixed a bug where the file preview in fullscreen mode showed two scrollbars

1.7.5 - 2022-04-12


  • Completely new download experience. We redesigned the download page from scratch

    • Choose precisely which files you want to download or download all at once as a zip file

    • Native file preview for all common file formats with fullscreen mode

    • More user-friendly interface and more responsive on mobile devices

    • More details are shown. Such as the sender of a transfer

    • Senders by mail can delete a transfer directly on the download page

    • Faster page loads

1.7.0 - 2022-25-09


  • ysendit.com App for macOS

  • Support for pasting files into the upload widget

  • Detecting when you are offline and showing a warning

  • Tooltips for more options when starting a new transfer

  • Consent Modals for personalized Ads, usage analytics and our terms

  • Personalized Ads on upload and download pages

7-beta2.1.0 - 2022-25-09


  • Admin Console

    • Usage Charts

    • Settings

      • Site details, Transfer settings, SMTP Settings, S3 and Bunny Configuration, EMail Template designer

7-beta1.0.2 - 2021-16-05


  • Rebuilding the Admin Console

    • applied a new template

    • login page integrated

    • new uploads table

      • lazy loading entries from server with lazy searching

      • perform bulk operations on uploads


  • Smoother download page design (white logo header)

1.6.3 - 2021-06-04


  • Ability to integrate Memberstack as a payment solution

    • X free uploads, after that the user needs to choose a memberstack subscription

  • Introduced new pricing for the ySendit.com public instance

1.6.2 - 2021-03-04


1.6.1 - 2021-01-04


  • ... regarding upload widgets

    • If mobile version is enabled, the widget shows a button to open the mobile optimized upload page in a new tab

    • the widgets show a loading indicator while loading

    • The accept terms and privacy modal is now transparent and reveals the uploader and downloader in the background => users directly see for what they need to accept the terms

  • ... other minor improvements

    • Updated Logo on the download page and email template to the black badge

    • Mobile version of Uploader: The wizard buttons are now fixed at (sticked to) the bottom of the screen

    • Updated the terms and privacy

    • We have adapted the style of the support portal mails to our email template


  • fixed issues with the announcekit widget

  • fixed issues with the mobile menu on our website

1.6.0 - 2021-03-05


  • Implement the ySendit Uploader as a widget in any website (mobile and desktop layout)

    • Possibility to preset the sharing option

    • Cross Domain compatible

    • powered by ySendit.com label

    • Option to disable the mobile version

  • The default Upload page is now accessible under the root of the ySendit Server if it is emtpy, otherwise under https://ysendit.com/upload.page

  • Our main server cluster is now able to handle multiple instances of ySendit and can be easily scaled

  • Completely redesigned website with features, pricing and the Pro Version

  • Pro Version: Buy an own, completely managed instance of ySendit.com

1.5.1 - 2021-02-11


  • We replaced all hard coded variables in the ySendit.com Server and replaced them with environment variables.

  • Made various changes to the productive server infrastructure.

  • Slimmed down the code and reduced AWS s3 API requests.

  • Fixed a security bug where AWS credentials were revealed.

1.5.0 - 2021-02-07


  • We have re-designed all mails templates and gave them a better looking.

1.4.3 - 2021-01-26


  • We have released a public charts page that visualize the usage details of the public ySendit.com instance

  • ySendit.com is out of its testing phase and has therefore been moved from legacy.ysendit.com to the main domain ysendit.com All previous shares will of course continue to work and will be redirected to the new domain.

1.4.2 - 2021-01-07


  • When you share files by mail your confirmation mail will contain a link to delete the upload before its expiration settings

  • New Sharing Option: Peer to peer file sending via snapdrop.net

  • Serverside security and performance improvements

    • Canceled uploads get directly removed on our storage server

    • Server validates that the max. choosen expiration date is 2 years.

  • Small UX fixes

    • New illustrations for the Upload not found, Upload still progressing and the Deletion confirmation page.

1.4.1 - 2021-01-04


  • Streamlining of included style sheets and scripts resulting in better loading times

  • SEO optimizations to prevent search engines from indexing file sends

  • Small UX fixes

    • Hide scroll bar in the desktop upload widget if share by link is selected

    • Tablet users were redirected to the ySendit homepage or the user-defined redirection page on the download page when expanding the transfer details

    • Added a Product Updates widget

1.4.0 - 2021-01-01


  • Complete rebuild of the upload process. Files are now uploaded in small chunks resulting in a more reliable and faster experience.

  • Possibility to pause and resume uploads.

  • Uploads in poor network connections can be resumed in case the connection drops.


  • Downloadlink is shown already when files are uploading.

  • Better designed upload progress bar

1.0.0 - 2020-12-18

First Release of ySendit Legacy

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